6. Shonai Shrine/ 9. Taiho-kan/ 10. University Campuses/ 13. Chido Museum

Tsuruoka Park is the former site of �gTsurugaoka Castle (Tsurugaoka Jo)�h where the Sakai Family, the rulers of the Shonai domain, had lived for 250 years. You can find traces of the old castle in the remains of the moats, stone walls and several hundred year-old Japanese cedars. In the park located in the middle of the city, lovely flowers bloom in unison through all seasons. The 800 cherry blossom trees are selected as one of the top one hundred Sakura Trees in Japan, being the best known place for beautiful cherry blossoms in Yamagata Prefecture. The essence of the old castle town lingers strongly in this area where cultural assets and major historical relics are concentrated. This area is also the fictional locale of the Unasaka clan in �eFujisawa Literature�f.

[Access] From the Tsuruoka Station, 10minutes by bus on the Yunohama route to the City Hall stop, then 2 minutes on foot