The low mountain with an altitude of 274m is appointed as a natural recreation forest by the Forest Agency for its many plants including substantive beech and oaks. The walking trail has been reconditioned and the mountain was selected as one of the top one hundred forests for “forest bathing”, with its reconditioned walking trail and the character as a place of recreation and relaxation. The mountain is a popular spot for hiking and bird watching. The must-see attraction is Kamiike pond at the foot of the mountain in June, when it is covered and coloured by lotus flowers.
[Access] From the Tsuruoka Station, 25 minutes by bus on the Yunohama route, then 10 minutes on foot

○ To Yunohama via Kamo
Tsuruoka Station – Oyama – The entrance of TV tower in Mt Takadate – Summit
○ To Yunohama via Zempoji Temple
Tsuruoka station – The entrance of Oyama Park – Oyama Park